YASA BAE Yoga Flow (Group Online Class)

Modern Vinyasa flow scored with Trap Music and accompanied by Guided Meditation

About this experience

This Vinyasa based class is perfect for beginners and experienced practicioners alike. The word “vinyasa” translates to “place in a special way,” which is recognized by the attention to breath and and movement as we flow through the asanas.

The YASA BAE class is a mindful flow that is paired with guided meditation and a deep Trap Yoga music score. The flow is meditative in nature, but still provides challenging asanas to increase blood flow and provide an energizing experience.

The class is a must for anyone who is seeking more movement and motivation from their practice sessions YASA BAE is a 30 minute yoga flow designed to energize both your body and mind. Composed of a series of asanas that are deliberately sequenced to optimize breathing and circulation, this flow is perfect for general health and fitness.